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folding wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, are pull-down or fold-down beds. To be clear, folding wall beds are bed frames that are attached to a large shelving unit; a unit that can flip upwards and be stored against your room's wall. It is important to note; there are a variety of folding wall beds available that meet individual needs. 

Read more about folding wall beds

Where can folding wall beds be used?

Folding beds work well in studios, basements, lofts, children's rooms, offices and vacation homes. Some may not know it; but folding wall beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They come in full, twin, queen, king and king sized beds. These beds can also be concealed and disguised, especially when using a closet door. When this bed is lifted and stored in a wall bed frame against the wall, all you have to do is close the closet doors and the underside of the bed is concealed. The closet door can make the wall bed look like a closet; only you will know that the bed is there, unless you tell someone.

The bed sofa bed and the do it yourself Murphy bed

Most of us are familiar with the bed sofa bed. When the bed is flipped up, you have a nice seating area. When the bed is flipped down, the seating area is no long there, but underneath the bed. This style works great for studio apartments and guest rooms. Then, there is the do it yourself Murphy bed. This kind of bed is lower in cost and works well for those who like to do things by themselves. There are do-it-yourself kits that have what you need to create this bed.

Advantages of the folding bed

There are three main benefits of this kind of bed such as enjoying more open space. When you can hide away a bed, you are able to use valuable floor space during the day. With more space you can have more room to engage in other activities besides sleeping; you can use it as a craft or exercise room. In addition, with a folding bed you can use a room for more than just one reason. For example, a craft room can easily be turned into a bedroom or an office can also be turned into a guest room. Keep in mind; wall beds are making a huge comeback; they have a variety of designs to choose from and many have wall-mounting systems. Such systems do little damage to the wall. These unique beds make it easy to transition from an office or hobby room to a guest room and do it quickly and easily.

To conclude, folding beds, also known as Murphy beds, are pull-down or fold-down beds. Check out your local furniture store or online bed sites and find out more! With the many advantages of this bed, it makes sense to check them out. Their creative uses will astound and amaze you and give you that extra space you need for your family and visitors.